Having been in the foster care system Colby knew what it was like to move from residential care to a home, to a program, and back to residential again.

He also knew what it was like to have his possessions thrown carelessly into garbage bags during multiple moves. Quite often those bags would be thrown out in the trash.

But then his Foster Dad started a charitable foundation called Suitcases4Kids.  Its missions is ““Helping Foster Children Move with Dignity, One Suitcase at a Time!”

As their homepage says: “We embrace the needs of children moving into or out of state care, any type of shelter or homeless environment and provide them with a suitcase for their personal belongings so that children gain a sense of dignity and help to create a better world.”

A lofty goal, but one that Colby strongly believed in.

On the website there is a letter from a boy, CJ, who talks about his life and how tough he finds living in the foster care system.  Colby knew that life and he worked hard helping kids like CJ feel better about themselves.

When not in school or playing sports he could be found collecting suitcases, working at the many collection drives, or packing them into storage facilities.

Sometimes late into the night.

The organization has collected and distributed well over 15,000 suitcases, duffel bags, and back packs.  But there are over 463,000 children in the United States alone so there is a long way to go.

With everyone’s help Suitcases4Kids plans on getting there.

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