Create your own path

The path you choose is right To you! Because your choices Make your path So, listen to one of your conscience voices It will affect your life Whether they are made during the day or night Modify your strife to … Continue reading

Root for your Team

Root for your team you know? The Knights In addition, hope for their victory in their perilous fights They will win to our delight For themselves they give all of their might Or maybe it was you in the stands … Continue reading

Treat Your Peers Like the Top Dog

Your peers may not like you That can sometimes be true However, be good to them and they’ll be good to you Do not be a suck up But the winner in the end Would you like to be my … Continue reading

Nourish Yourself

Nourish yourself, bathe in knowledge and clean with soap To accomplish your parents one hope Why deprive yourself, be a doctor or even the pope Deprivation can lead to mind and body starvation So spread throughout the nation by Colby

Have No Limits to Your Abilities

The limits of your abilities have no end Believe in yourself and the power will not depend However, when that power is diminished Don’t give up! You are not finished For an idea will flash and set some new goals … Continue reading

The Angels

The power of earth The power of the stars The highways of the earth The abandoned running cars The angels whisper softly They speak with great fear They are dead the people of earth They sit below on heavens hearth … Continue reading

Colby’s Box

Welcome To Colby’s Box. This is a place to submit your cares and your fears.  If you knew Colby tell him in the best way that suits you: story, poem, video, image, or audio.

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